Untangling the Web: Creating and Legitimizing Your Start-Up

Establishing and maintaining a successful start-up venture requires an imaginative spirit, keen attention to detail and a healthy breadth of business acumen. It takes a special type of individual to step up to the task and live up to the duty of ‘writing one’s own paycheck,’ so to speak. There is, indeed, a nearly limitless supply of new businesses setting up shop every day– both on-line and in your own hometown. The difference between businesses built to last and those that do not succeed lies in the solid foundation of the former.

Strong, knowledgeable legal representation is a necessary and vital requisite for succeeding in the world of commerce: informed counsel will aid and support burgeoning entrepreneurs through what often appears to be a dauntless task in growing their own companies. This is where a law firm such the Law Offices of Aaron J. Stewart can provide its experience and counsel to entrepreneurs who wish to create a viable and powerful start-up.

As a fellow self-starter and owner of my own business, I understand the concerns and fears that are inherent in creating one’s own livelihood. The goal of my law practice is to help others reach and exceed their business goals. My firm will pinpoint the most efficient means of obtaining adequate financing and cost-saving strategies to maximize your company’s profit by collaborating with you to determine the appropriate entity structure for your organization.

The Law Offices of Aaron J. Stewart provides counsel in the areas of business law, intellectual property law, Internet and e-commerce law, and employment law.

My office is eager to assist you with your business endeavors. All Inquiries and feedback are welcome via email at info@chicolawfirm.com or via phone at 530-345-2212. We look forward to making your entrepreneurial vision a reality.